Put A Sock In It

putasockinitHe opened the door of the hotel room and  allowed me to step inside. I went to the bathroom where I showered and used extra suds in scrubbing my body clean. I knew why I was here; to receive a spanking. A long overdue spanking. I had gone months without any impact play and was needing that release that only a hand to my bottom can bring. I ran my hands over my breasts as water cascaded from the small shower head. I could feel the anticipation building. I lingered in the shower enjoying the hot stream washing away my worries and insecurities.

Feeling chilly I pulled on my knee socks and threw on a bra and shirt. I stepped back into the room keeping my gaze lowered. I was ordered to take off everything but the socks and get on the bed with my ass in the air. He started just the way I like, slow and building up in in intensity. I felt myself letting go and small moans were escaping my lips. When I began to squirm too much he brought his hand to my clit playing with it and getting me worked up. I was in a state of sensual arousal and I started bucking my hips trying to get him to finger fuck me but he avoided entering my pussy. Leaving me wanting more he resumed the spanks to my glowing ass as I grunted a sign of disappointment.

The smacks began to fall faster and harder and I was beginning to get wild and feisty. I tried wiggling my ass out of his reach jumping all over the bed despite his warnings to hold still. He then wandered the length of my leg pulling off my sock. He quickly used it to secure my hands behind my back. It was much harder to escape his spanking with my hands bound behind me so I started to give verbal protests. I pleaded with him to stop not sure how much more I could take. He urged to me to keep quiet and as I let a swear word slip out from a harsh smack I was greeted with a white sock being pushed in my mouth. I tried to push it out but he stern voice demanded I keep it in as he pulled off my other knee sock and tied it around my head making sure the sock was secured in my mouth without me being able to spit it out.

I was forced to stand and pushed up against the wall where slaps reined down on my breasts. I jumped around wildly not having much experience with breast spankings. The quick stinging slaps were hard to take and I tried not to scream too loudly over the gag (we were in a hotel after all). My breasts were red and readily showing marks I looked Sir M in the eye and was greeted with slaps to my face. It felt degrading and made me extremely horny at the same time. Slap after slap I was left wanting more and using my eyes I pleaded with him not to stop.

I was lead back to the bed and my sore ass got another round of spankings. I felt his weight as he sat down on the bed. This time I moved to be near him, I needed to feel him and have a reassurance that it was alright. I felt his leg go under me as he pulled me into his lap. I sank into him and accepted the further spankings without protest only wanting to be closer to him. My ass was feeling painfully sore  and bruised when I finally got what I wanted. His fingers exploring and finally dipping into my wet pussy.

He untied my hands and allowed me to get in a more comfortable position so that I could rub my clit as he thrust his fingers in and out. I was moaning through the sock in my mouth feeling the dampness as the fabric adsorbed my saliva. Soon he pulled the gag from mouth though the taste of cotton lingered and I licked my lips as I rubbed my button in rapid circles bring myself closer to orgasm. My pussy clenching onto his fingers as I begged him to insert another finger in me. He worked my g-spot and as my orgasm built up I begged him to let me cum. He denied me the first time making my need more urgent and only on third time that I pleaded  did he allow me to cum. I shuddered into orgasm feeling my juices dripping down my thigh and my vagina clenching in a spasm of extacy.

It was a great orgasm on top of a great spanking and I can never look at socks the same way again.


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4 Responses to “Put A Sock In It

  • OMG – I am so with you on that journey of feelings and emotion. I love to be spanked as well it has me dripping with excitement every time!

    ~Mia~ xx

  • I would love such a thorough spanking!! The couple that I have gotten have been intensely exciting :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Spanking is such a therapeutic thing for me. I LOVE the final… made me chuckle


  • Sigh! This made me really long for a good spanking. Soon… I know… soon.

    Loved reading this :)

    Rebel xox

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