Sometimes You Have to Kiss A Few Frogs

Cumming at you like a stick of dynamite, might as well ignite, feel the bite of passion and give into raw sexual satisfaction.

Live Cam

I love showing off my exhibitionist side and performing on webcam. Let me fulfill all your fantasies and provide delightful sexual entertainment..


Video Clips

I always enjoy exploring new fetishes, especially in front of a camera. I dip and dabble in all sorts of variety so search my clips to find what turns you on.


Erotic Emporium

Rummage around for sexy panties, smelly socks and beautiful bras. With plenty of ways to personalize your order you can indulge your kinky desires.


My First Orgasm

I was close to turning 18 years old and was house sitting for my aunt for a few weeks. Her bedroom adjoined an open bathroom containing a large juciizi bathtub. I sipped a wine cooler and ran myself a hot bath, sinking into the depth of bubbles. I turned my body so I can put [...]

At it Again

Whew!!! My blog has strung me along for one hell of a ride. Just when I think everything is peachy keen I encounter a new problem. New challenges, arising questions and old issues sneaking back up. Aww the world of blogging So I have new web-hosting and am excited to have gotten 2 years for [...]

This is Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday and this has to be one of the best versions of this song. Marilyn Manson: This is Halloween. Hope you get lots of ticks and maybe even a few treats!  

The LONG and the SHORT of it

The LONG and the SHORT of it 1. What is the longest relationship you have been in? My ex, Deb lasted almost 2 years. I have never been good with dates or anniversary’s so I can’t remember exactly how long we were together (though I am sure he can pinpoint down to the hour when [...]

A Roof Over My Head

This past month we received a bunch of rain showers. I have had issues with a leak in my bathroom for awhile now and with the help of my father we kept trying to pinpoint and cover the leak. Last month we went as far as residing the back side of my house, sealing everything [...]

Career Path

Its Grateful Monday and though I have been neglectful of my blog (as there is so much work that needs to be redone since the great October Blog Catastrophe) As of recent my focus and determination has been put forth into my Clips4Sale store and just this week I finally started camming on Streamate. I [...]

Falling into Autumn

Fall is upon us, and autumn has arrived. The cool weather driving out what the remains of the summer, and pulling warm sweaters to fight off the nip in the air. I love fall, it has always been my favorite season. The colors of fall are warm and inviting, such a stark contrast to the [...]

My First Night on Cam

So I am stressing about losing all my hard work towards my blog, everything that has become is adios. I am slowly working at rebuilding but the task is daunting to say the least. To ease my stress I drank some wine and after dancing to some tunes I decided I was finally ready [...]

Down on Cock

He sat on the edge of the bed as I pulled his shorts down over his knee. His tool already hard and awaiting my lips. I kneel in-between his legs and slowly wrap my mouth around him. I begin to suck causing his member to further stiffen in my mouth. He pulls away so he [...]

Nipple Whistle

My nipples have been extra sensitive the last few days and the lightest kiss of fabric makes them hard as rocks. I typically ignore my nipples as playing with them does not do much for me one way or the other. I don’t get many sensations so I just let the girls hang out (or in if I [...]

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