Sometimes You Have to Kiss A Few Frogs

Cumming at you like a stick of dynamite, might as well ignite, feel the bite of passion and give into raw sexual satisfaction.

Live Cam

I love showing off my exhibitionist side and performing on webcam. Let me fulfill all your fantasies and provide delightful sexual entertainment..


Video Clips

I always enjoy exploring new fetishes, especially in front of a camera. I dip and dabble in all sorts of variety so search my clips to find what turns you on.


Erotic Emporium

Rummage around for sexy panties, smelly socks and beautiful bras. With plenty of ways to personalize your order you can indulge your kinky desires.


First, Last, Only, Best and Worst

Complete each sentence with an anecdote of sexual adventure or misadventure: 1. The first time I . . . I was fingered in the ass was in a room of 4 friends after we had all gotten drunk at a club. 3 people were sleeping in the bed while Max and I shared a small [...]

Streaming Rock Discovery

Over this past summer in a stroll through the park Sir and I wandered off trail and stumbled across a gorgeous stream and these painted rocks. What a perfect opportunity to add a second Scavenger Hunt notch to my belt! Click on the pictures to view the gallery! This marks my second scavenger hunt Who [...]

Quiz: Do you have an inclination for BDSM?

    Ann Morette Scored as Submissive   Submissive 100% Degradation 100% Masochist 100% Bondage 100% Switch 86% Exhibitionist / Voyeur 86% Sadist 86% Experimental 71% Dominant 43% Vanilla 14%   Take the test Do you have an inclination for BDSM?   Then come back and share your results in the comments below. I want [...]

Afternoon Delight

You light the fire that fuels my desire My hunger for you only grows stronger I want to greet each and every day with you Giving me a need to devour every part of you See what other delights can be found this afternoon

You Ought To Be In Pictures

A bunch of celebrity sex tapes have been made public through fair means or foul. Have you seen any of these? Which ones? Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Kim Kardashian and Ray-J Kendra Wilkinson and Justin Frye None of these. Celebrities are far overrated. Not [...]

Rubber Gagged Catsuit

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30 Days of Kink: Day 25

Day 25: How open are you about your kinks? How open I am really depends on the person I am with. In general I am a pretty open person. I hate lies, secrets and distrust. That being said I tend not volunteer much information unless directly asked. Once asked I am straight forward and truthful [...]

Hooking Up

I end up receiving a call from Jemaine out of blue. He is back in town for a few months and I could not wait to see him. It has been over a year since we last hooked up and a good fucking has been long overdue. I put my hands on the coffee table, [...]


1. What feels better, the moment right before cumming, the moment of cumming, or the moment right after cumming? The moment right before I cum leading into the moment of cumming. Those first few seconds are definitely the best feeling in the world. 2. For the fellas: it is said that guys will fuck anything [...]

Warm Boobies in the Firelight

The temperatures have been dropping. And baby its cold outside. Best come in and warm yourself by the fire!   Keep toasty as you check out


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