Sometimes You Have to Kiss A Few Frogs

Cumming at you like a stick of dynamite, might as well ignite, feel the bite of passion and give into raw sexual satisfaction.

Live Cam

I love showing off my exhibitionist side and performing on webcam. Let me fulfill all your fantasies and provide delightful sexual entertainment..


Video Clips

I always enjoy exploring new fetishes, especially in front of a camera. I dip and dabble in all sorts of variety so search my clips to find what turns you on.


Erotic Emporium

Rummage around for sexy panties, smelly socks and beautiful bras. With plenty of ways to personalize your order you can indulge your kinky desires.


“Cum for Me” He Demands

Boots, the kind that zip up the calf and look irresistible. Sweater unbuttoned, open to reveal both breasts. Nipples hard, pointed and looking purposefully pink. Moans escaping from rose color lips. The sound bouncing off the tongue and catching in the throat. A wet pussy, highly aroused and dripping.  It is ready to be used [...]

Pink Lill Pussy

Rosy Pink Blossom is Sweet Pussy Lips

Classic Locking Ball Gag Review

Pros Appealing Available in black or red ball Locks in place Comfortable Cons Predetermined slots prevent correct tightening Easy to push gag out Ball uneven on center strap (see bottom photo) Rubber taste I was initially drawn to this ball gag because it was lockable and because the ball was available in black. This Locking [...]

Gagged to be Loved

This has been a recurring fantasy of mine, something I masturbate to quite a lot actually. The humiliation of wearing a gag is rewarded and in my submissiveness I am made to feel sexy. Little gestures can leave the biggest impact and the love behind the touches is something I frequently crave. “Come here my [...]

Gown Inspired

I have been working on this blog for just about a month now. Since starting with my first entry, A Fiendish Little Spanking I have come a long way in the direction and style of this blog. And I just placed 4th in the Sinful Sunday Rude Britannia Competition, an accomplishment I am quite proud [...]

Celebrate Masturbation and Mind Blowing Orgasms

I start with a glass of wine, enjoying the aroma as I sip. The sun is going down and in the background soft jazz of a big swing band plays, electrifying the air. The lights twinkle in the darkening sky and a storm on the horizon brings a scent of rain. The brush of wind [...]

Olga Steel Wand by LELO

Olga Pleasure Object by LELO is my first g-spot toy and this wand sure sets the bar high. Beautiful and elegant, this is luxury is at its finest. Weighing in at 1.5 pounds this is solid stainless steel (also available in 24-Karat plated gold). The majority of the weight centered around the thickest part of [...]

Naughty Bus Tour 4th Place Winning Entry

Step on board Ladies, Gentlemen and perverts Destination: Rude Britannia Arrival time: Not until you cum Due to the bus driver running into some wood we will be taking a scenic detour. Do not despair, we will be right back on course just in time for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Please watch your step as you [...]

Getting Dirty Weekend Project

With the approach of summer upon us I decided to spend the weekend giving my deck a fab little makeover. I have also decided to try growing some plants this year. Despite my love of gnomes I have no particular green thumb. Living organisms, plant species in particular tend to die under my watch. Though [...]

A Night with Olga

Last week in the mail arrived A Weeks Worth of Toys from The Sub-Shop who is having a liquidation sale before closing their doors. Most unfortunately I was experiencing considerable pain from an early arriving period. I have found that any hard kind of play can cause several days of agonizing pain which meant my [...]

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