101 in 1001 Days

Thanks to Molly over at Mollys Daily Kiss and Rebel from Rebels Notes I have discovered 101 in 1001 Days; an idea originally stemmed from Day Zero Project. To see the list of other participants check out Molly’s Group Listing. And be sure to join in on the fun!

I was excited to create my list and I hope that by participating I will stay on tract and meet the personal goals I have set for myself. I wish I found out about this before the New Year but better late then never and this just refocuses everything that has been set in the back of mind. Taking a note from other participants I separated my goals into different categorizes.



START DATE: January 20,2013

END DATE: October 18, 2013




Website and Marketing

  1. Sell 15 pairs of panties (0/15)
  2. Create blog banner (0/1)
  3. Create blog button (0/1)
  4. Create C4S store banner (0/1)
  5. Fix all blog post links (In Progress)
  6. Create a store on website (Not Started)
  7. Create static home page (Not Started)
  8. Make clips for 12 new/different categories (1/12)
  9. Figure out how to edit and save clips in HD (Not Done)
  10. Send out C4S newsletter twice a month (0/70)
  11. Webcam enough to live off (Not Started)

Reading and Writing

  1. Post at least 3 blog posts ever week
  2. Participate in The Pussy Pride Project (0/1)
  3. Participate every week in Wicked Wednesday (0/143)
  4. Participate every week in Sinful Sunday (1/144)
  5. Write at least 15 reviews (0/15)
  6. Write an ongoing 3 part erotic story (0/3)
  7. Write 4 more fairy fantasies with kinky twist (0/4)
  8. Write 4 more liberated gnome reports (0/4)
  9. Read 1 new book a month (0/34)
  10. Submit a guest post for a blog (0/1)
  11. Faithfully follow at least 2 blogs (0/2)
  12. Finish 30 Days of Kink (In Progress)
  13. Start and complete 30 Days of Sinful Truth (Not Started)
  14. Take a writing/blogging workshop (0/1)
  15. Write in a public setting once a month (0/34)
  16. Write 50 things I like about myself (Not Started)


  1. Take a photography class (0/1)
  2. Complete 10 scavenger hunt missions (0/10)
  3. Have professional photos taken (0/1)
  4. Do a pinup photo shoot (0/1)
  5. Learn to use Adobe Photoshop (Not Started)
  6. Create photo friendly studio in my loft (Not Started)
  7. Get two new photography lens (0/2)
  8. Practice wildlife photography and capture five different animals (0/5)
  9. Have a photo published by magazine, blog etc. (0/1)
  10. Shoot and film a stop-motion film (0/1)


  1. Go on at least 10 dates (0/10)
  2. Have a lesbian experience (0/1)
  3. Be in threesome (0/1)
  4. Date a Dominant man (0/1)
  5. Fall in love (0/1)
  6. Tell best friend about blogging/camming (Not Done)
  7. Make at least one new good friend (0/1)


  1. Attend Thunder in the Mountains (Not Done)
  2. Go to at least 5 munches (0/5)
  3. Become a member of BDSM club (Not Done)
  4. Attend 5 play parties (0/5)
  5. Buy larger balloons (Not Done)
  6. Get inside a balloon (Not Done)
  7. Play in a movie theater (Not Done)
  8. Anal train till I can comfortably wear glass butt plug regularly (Not Started)
  9. Experience hot wax play for first time (Not Done)
  10. Try advanced rope bondage (Not Started)
  11. Try clit and or pussy pumping (Not Done)
  12. Make a sex tape (Not Done)
  13. Get wild at the zoo (Not Done)
  14. Try being Dominant with a submissive (Not Done)
  15. Give someone a spanking (Not Done)
  16. Be spanked/flogged at a play party (Not Done)
  17. Be spanked by at least two people in the same evening (Not Done)
  18. Try casting fetish (Not Done)
  19. Experience DP (Not Done)

Health, Beauty and Style

  1. Raise half the money needed for breast augmentation (Not Started)
  2. Have a Dr. consult breast augmentation (Not Done)
  3. Take at least 1 yoga class (0/1)
  4. Join a gym (Not Done)
  5. Get down to goal weight/size (In Progress)
  6. Practice meditation (Not Started)
  7. Strictly stick to diet for 30 days (Not Done)
  8. Get 3 consecutive Brazilian waxes (0/3)
  9. Get a leg wax (0/1)
  10. Get a massage (Not Done)
  11. Create all natural lotion using coconut oil (Not Done)
  12. Find perfect “no-poo” shampoo recipe and rinse (Not Done)
  13. Dread my hair (Not Started)
  14. Get new eye glass prescription (Not Done)
  15. Find a pair of cat eye glasses (Not Done)
  16. Get elephant tattoo (Not Done)
  17. Get coverup tattoo for lower back (Not Done)
  18. Finish stretching/gauging ears to 0g (In Progress)
  19. Create a Steampunk costume (Not Done)
  20. Buy a pair of cowboy boots (Not Done)


  1. Learn to horseback ride (Not Started)
  2. Go on 4 overnight backpacking trips (0/4)
  3. Take basic survival skills wildness class (Not Done)
  4. Climb a 14er (Not Done)
  5. Join Woof (Not Done)
  6. Experience/Work/Learn about beekeeping (Not Started)
  7. Attend Shroomfest mushroom festival (Not Done)
  8. Go mushroom hunting 4 times (0/4)
  9. Correctly identify 6 mushrooms (0/6)
  10. Take a cooking class (Not Done)
  11. Sew slipcover for wingback chairs (0/2)
  12. Attend roller derby (Not Done)
  13. Go ice skating (Not Done)
  14. Complete 3 knitting projects (0/3)
  15. Travel out of state at least twice (0/2)
  16. Visit Harry Potter Theme park (Not Done)
  17. Go to Burning Man (Not Done)
  18. Go on a zip-line (Not Done)

One Response to “101 in 1001 Days

  • Oh my, I have just seen this list and I am quite intrigued by it. Good luck on your journey :D

    Rebel xox

    PS: I wish I could get alerts when my domain is linked and not only when a specific post is linked. I wonder whether WordPress has a solution for this.

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