100 Things About

  1. I have countless notebooks everywhere filled with ideas, thoughts, stories and random notes
  2. Sometimes when I read my writing I have to make sure it is in my handwriting. I find myself shocked/impressed and or amazed at some of the things I dream up and write about.
  3. I write in both print and cursive interchangeably, sometimes in the same line.
  4. When I write anything of length I usually switch cursive.
  5. I write more quickly in cursive but sometimes letters and words flow right into each other making it sloppy and difficult to read (even for myself).
  6. I want to be an author but do not know what to write about. I am better at short stories but hope to be inspired by a project for a novel that I can become invested in.
  7. I never separate my colors in wash. Only one incident of noxious pink socks to date, the lesson was not enough to change my laundry habits.
  8. I hate feeling sweaty or dirty and when I do I sometimes have an intense need to shower or bathe.
  9. I love nature and the great outdoors.
  10. Hiking and camping are a few of my favorite outdoor activities.
  11. I am afraid of bugs based on the “crunch factor”. If I were to kill it and hear it go squish then the more terrified I am. The bigger the bug the bigger the crunch factor.
  12. I am fascinated by bees and hope to be a beekeeper with my own hive(s).
  13. The only recurring dreams I have had involve being chased by a swarm of bees.
  14. My favorite animal is an elephant. I dream of seeing a wild elephant.
  15. I have a membership to the zoo. I still feel guilty every time I go. The small cages and conditions they must live for human amusement saddens me.
  16. Gardening and cooking are two skills I wish I had fully mastered, or even partially accomplished.
  17. I want to have my own organic garden full of fruits and veggies.
  18. Without any training or cooking classes I am a more than a satisfactory cook.
  19. I am obsessed with Garden Gnomes and Pink Flamingos always cheer me up!
  20. I have gnomes throughout my house and hope to one day have a beautiful garden full of them.
  21. I hate horror movies and being scared. I have however become obsessed with The Walking Dead.
  22. I do not get to wear them out because 1. I will trip and make a fool of myself, 2. I would be the only person really wearing heels.
  23. I am 420 friendly and choose marijuana over all other drugs.
  24. I am obsessed with Marie Antoinette. I think it was mainly for the corsets and dresses but it has evolved into a fascination of the 17th and 18th century.
  25. I wish I could dress up in fancy court dresses. If I had a gown I would want to wear it all the time (a bit unacceptable when it is not Halloween).
  26. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I spend most the year looking forward to it.
  27. Most of my childhood years my mother dressed me as a witch (Wizard of Oz with green face and wart kind of witch).
  28. I am a Christmas baby, born one week before Christmas I came home from the hospital in a red stocking
  29. I am an adrenalin junkie, love the rush of adventure.
  30. I like rockabilly and day of the dead styles.
  31. Most would describe me as a hippy.
  32. I have an indie style mixe of rockabilly and hippy that I call Hipabilly.
  33. I support going green and organic but have not committed to it myself. Convenience and $$$$ prevents being green.
  34. I have tried to go vegetarian many times throughout my life. After a week I give in to the craving of a big juicy burger
  35. My greatest comfort food is dirty tacos. Deep fried, greasy and leading to after shame.
  36. Green is one of my favorite colors, though as an artist I like the whole grand color palette
  37. As I child I would get frustrated when I asked my dad his favorite color and he would say “Depends what it is for”. Now I understand and feel the same way.
  38. I still enjoy coloring books.
  39. Collaging is one of my favorite art mediums.
  40. I am crafty and artsy fartsy but get too bored to stick with the same thing.
  41. Whenever I buy a new pillow for my bed I never end up tossing the old ones. I have 12 pillows now and not one is a silly sham or decorative pillow.
  42. I always wear 1-3 black elastic hair bands around my wrist (this number increases as I clean and find them lying around.)
  43. I am like a hibernating bear, very grouchy upon awakening.
  44. I am a night owl, sometimes I stay up all night and sleep during part of the day (especially during the summer months).
  45. I want more adventure in my life
  46. I am shy and extremely introverted
  47. I am a recluse/hermit
  48. I have Endometriosis and it affects my life far more than I like to admit.
  49. I suck my thumb, especially when stressed or tense but also when I relax and always to fall asleep.
  50. I am close with my family.
  51. I prefer rivers, lakes and waterfalls to oceans and beaches.
  52. I feel at home in a forest provided with lots of trees.
  53. I love the smell of chlorine, it reminds me of hotel swimming pools from when I was a child.
  54. As a kid swimming was my favorite activity. My mom called me a mermaid.
  55. I want to dress up and go to a jazz type bar and have a Dom discretely play with me under the table.
  56. I sometimes get an uncomfortable feeling and hate being touched.
  57. I have social anxiety.
  58. I press my toes into the ground or the sole of my shoe when I am nervous.
  59. I hate weekends and prefer to go out during the week.
  60. I believe in hug therapy. Nothing beats a giant hug
  61. I tend to only enjoy kissing when I have been drinking.
  62. Wes Anderson is my favorite director and I love all his movies. My favorites being Moonrise Kingdom, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Darjeeling Limited and Life Aquatic with Steve Zassou.
  63. Photography has been an ongoing passion.
  64. Stop motion fascinates me as it is a story told by multiple images.
  65. I love body modification and intend to gauge my ears and get many more tattoos.
  66. I used to cut myself when I needed to feel pain and get a release
  67. I have scars that I used to hide with sleeves, I have gotten better with accepting them and wearing clothes I feel comfortable in.
  68. I sometimes feel more attracted to women then I do men.
  69. I have a need to be loved and accepted, it leaves me settling for less than I deserve.
  70. I am discovering more of my sexuality then I ever thought and am loving every bit of it.
  71. I am happy to be single and childless!
  72. I have freckles which I grew up hating, now that most I have faded I love them and wish I had more.
  73. I do not regret my mistakes for they have made me into who I am.
  74. My dream jobs have included; nurse, teacher, and interior designer, party planner, zoo keeper and bartender.
  75. I throw amazingly awesome theme parties.
  76. I am now living my dream job and feel I have found something I was meant to do.
  77. I am a cat person but Seymour Kitty is the only cat I ever want in my life.
  78. I have a stuffed dog named “Rags” (short for “Rags to Riches”).
  79. My first job was at an amusement park.
  80. I want to learn to horseback ride and someday have my own horse.
  81. Rain and Fog are my favorite kind of weather.
  82. I am an introvert and need time to unwind after social events.
  83. I am a homebody and would rather stay in then go out.
  84. Despite that I want a life full of experiences.
  85. Harry Potter is my favorite book series and I have probably read it over 10 times.
  86. I have contacts but only wear them for amusement parks and special occasions (a few times a year)
  87. I love big thick black frames and would love to have a pair of vintage cat-eye glasses.
  88. I Love CHEESE! I want to put it on everything and go to a fancy wine and cheese party.
  89. I am a wino but buy wine in the box.
  90. I want to be more of a wine connoisseur.
  91. I like roses on leopard print but am particular on leopard print as some is just ugly. Tacky is okay but the line between ugly and tacky is a fine one!
  92. I drive a minivan but have no kids. I love the extra space!
  93. I want to spend my future traveling the globe.
  94. The Big Bang Theory is my favorite TV show.
  95. I hate how celebrities are worshiped and though I am a fan I do not follow their every tabloid or read their every tweet.
  96. I love nerds and wish I could find a naturally dominant nerd.
  97. I fancy myself a dork.
  98. I have trouble saying what I want to say when I want to say it.
  99. I love vintage and pin-up style.
  100. I am constantly redefining myself and am trying to discover the person I want to be.

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